About company

Since 1989 "Composition materials" Ltd is engaged in manufacturing filtering elements , air silencers and scrap recycling equipment. We offer unique products that are virtually unparalleled in the Russian and world practice. 

   The Company’s production facilities include production floor space of 3200 m2 with casting floor, machining floor, assembling electrical engineering floor and graphite production floor.

  ‘Composition materials” Ltd currently employs 48 skilled staff and has a strictly defined management structure. Current production facilities allow us to fabricate up to 250 000 product units per year. 

  The Company’s production facilities are located in the Lomovskiy village, Sverdlovsk Region (100 km north of Ekatherinburg City and 20 km from Nevyansk Town). The nearest railway station in ‘Yezhovaya’ (12 km).