Porous aluminium casting

Modern machine building is impossible without porous materials, which are used for gas and liquid filters, air silencers, noise absorbing panels, dampers, bubblers, heat exchangers, flame retardants, heat pipe wicks. The field of application of porous materials is expanding. Bronzes, nickel, stainless steel powders have been produced by sinterin for more than 100 years. However sintering technology faces many limitations (size and forms of units, strict connection between hydraulic resistance and filer mesh size). All these problems may be solved by using porous aluminium casting, which is in addition cost-efficient. Porous aluminium casting was first obtained in the USA by G. Kuchek in 1961. It was used as a construction material for helicopter engineering, but did not withstand a competition with foaming aluminium and production was stopped. The second birth of porous aluminium casting was in the middle of 1980-s in Japan (S. Nagata, Kusu University), Switzerland (A. Mortensen, Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne) and in the USSR (Ye. Furman, Ural Polytechnic Institute, Sverdlovsk). There researchers understood that porous aluminium casting does not compete with foaming aluminium, but with sintered metals powders. Apart from that usage of porous aluminium casting for munitions production stimulated development of this technology in the USSR (small arms mufflers, active armor protection). PCA production technology by impregnation attracted by its simplicity. However, as any other new technology there were many stumbling blocks: detects of unclear appearance, extremely low coefficient of metal usage, marketing. These problems appeared to be far too difficult for Japanese and Swiss Science. The industrial production of porous aluminium casing, which is currently a unique plant, was established in Kirov in 1990. L.Ye. Chernii headed ‘Composition materials” Ltd since then, A.B. Finkelstein (DSc (Technology)) is a scientific adviser and successor of Ye.L. Furnam, M.L.Chernii (PhD (Technology)) is a marketing director. Today there are more than 300 enterprises in Russia such as ’Sibneft’ Ltd, ‘Kurgankhimmash’ Ltd, OJSC ‘Transpneumatics’, OJSC ‘RAAZ AMO ZIL’, OJSC ‘Pneumatics’ and abroad that use porous aluminium casting technology.