PCA application area

Due to its unique properties porous aluminium is increasingly used in the following fields:

- Filtering elements for liquid and gas media filtration, including filteration of air, natural gas, water, fuels and oil products, hydraulic oils, hot gas and liquid systems, highly viscous liquids and liquified gases.

- Air silencers for reductions of noise produced by pneumatic devices, forge-press equipment, die casting machines, as well as reduction of noise at compressed air and vapor release.

- Sensor protection form contamination and mechanical damage.

- In pneumatic conveyor systems for fluidized layer formation, pressurization in the pneumatic lines and as aeration nozzles to prevent granular materials caking in a storage vessels.

- Construction materials for fabrication of the dense weight-reduced parts

- Liquids vaporization including liquified gases deaeration

- Liquids aeration for oxidation and in-gassing

- Transport damper elements for collision energy dissipation on impact

- In heat exchange systems for the process intensification

- In machine tool building as a permeable vacuum table surface

- In room design and finishing as decorate, sound absorbing and sound isolating material.