• Filters


    Liquid and gas separators are used for the filtration of different liquids and gases. They are highly permeable, heat resistant and demonstrate high contaminant capacity and mechanical resistance.

  • Air

    Air silencers

    Air silencers are aimed at noise reduction and acoustic insulation of pneumatic, forge-and-pressing and other equipment. They are more durable, effective and have a longer service life than sintered, wire mesh and polymer silencers.

  • Porous

    Porous aluminium

    Porous aluminium is used in automobile, air and railway industries, in general and special engineering, oil-and-gas production, chemical equipment and in many other fields.

  • Arc

    Arc cutting machine

    Metals electric arc-cutting machines KEDU – 04 allow cutting steel and cast-iron steel, bimetals, titanium and copper and aluminium based scrap.

  • Graphite

    Graphite products

    We offer a wide range of shaped casting made of EG grade graphite: graphite electrodes, cores, plates, bushings, rings, boats, crucibles, casting molds and other.

  • Filtering

    Filtering equipment

    Reliable and effective equipment for compressed air preparation and air, natural and technological gases filtration from mechanical contaminants, condensed moisture and oil mist.