Air silencers
  • Silencers

    Silencers with threaded connection

    PCA (porous aluminium casting) air silencers are exceptionally reliable and durable, they are more effective than home land and many foreign analogues.

  • Silencing

    Silencing plates

    PCA silencing plates for air control valves produced by the OJSC ‘Pneumoapparat’ (Moscow, Russian Federation) surpass analogous silencing plates made of sintered bronzes in technical characteristics, operation life and price.

  • Silencers

    Silencers for 3MP distributors

    Silencing filtering elements 100-50 are used for 3MP pneumodistributors, manufactured by OJSC ‘Pneumatics’ (Simferopol, Ukraine)

  • Silencers

    Silencers for special applications

    Our technology allows producing PCA air silencers of various sizes and forms to solve typical and exceptional technical problems.