Filters for special applications

The unique characteristic of the PCA technology is that filtering elements may be fabricated both in simple forms (cylindrical, cubic, conic, spherical, flat) and in various combinations of forms in a single unit:

The PCA filtering elements prevail over sintering, mesh size and polymer analogues on the following characteristics:

-high active porosity, dirt capacity and thermal resistance;

-significant operation life and regeneration capability (mechanical cleaning, air backwash, chemical cleaning, heat and ultrasonic treatment and other);

- cyclic, vibration loads and shock resistance.

Technical characteristics of filtering elements:

- volume porosity: from 50 to 65%

- filtration mesh size: from 5 to 250 µm

- penetration coefficient: (1-50)x10-11 m2

- differential pressure standard: 2.5 MPa

- tensile strength: 20 MPa

- operating temperature: up to 400 оC