Gas filters

Gas filter separators (FS) are intended for filtration of natural gas, nonaggressive gases and compressed air from mechanical particles, aerosol and condensed moisture. They are mounted on the pipelines before the shutoff and control valves of gas burner units, boilers, heat generators, infrared heaters and other gas transporting and combustion sets to increase reliability and operation life of equipment. The gas filter separator is a vertical vessel of colon type with a lower elliptic bottom, upper cover and the following basic fittings and details:

- Filter frame with inlet and outlet connections;

- Detachable cover to provide an easy access to the filtering elements;

- Two filtering elements;

- Plug valve for condensed moisture tapping.

The gas filter separator is mounted on the support, which is made according to customer requirements. Materials: Filter frame and cover are made of steel St 20, St 3, St 3sp; Filtering elements are made of glassfiber, polypropylene, porous aluminium; Gaskets are made of oil and gasoline-proof rubber.

Brief technical characteristics of Gas filter separators (FS):


Filter mode

FS 50

FS 80

Operating environment

Natural gas defined in the standard GOST 5542

Working presure,MPa

0 – 1,6

0 – 1,6

Temperature, ºС



Nominal bore (flange) Dу, mm



filtration fineness, µm


Working presure, bar


Maximum gas flow, m3/ hour



Масса, кг



Price, RUR

by agreement

by agreement