Porous aluminium
  • Cases

    Cases for sensors and detectors

    Combination of high penetration, mechanical durability and processing simplicity makes porous aluminium a perspective material for protection of sensors sensitive elements.

  • Pneumatic

    Pneumatic transportation systems

    Due to high permeability and equalized pore distribution along the PCA unit, it is widely used for compressed air heating and formation of fluidized layer in pneumatic air silencer pneumostrasport systems.

  • Structural

    Structural details

    Low specific weight of units, high mechanical density and processing simplicity makes PCA a perspective material in-demand for air- and auto-machine building.

  • Vaporizers


    High volume porosity, large specific surface, good electrical- and heat conductivities of PCA are used for effective vaporization liquids and liquefied gases.

  • Aeration

    Aeration of liquids

    Equalized distribution and large number of pores on a unit of surface make PCA a perspective material for highly effective liquid aeration systems.

  • Dampers


    Due to characteristics of production technology and special inside structure porous aluminium demonstrates perfect damper properties, i.e. ability to effectively absorb applied shock.

  • Heat

    Heat exchangers

    Combination of a large specific surface, high permeability and heat conductivity of PCA allows designing compact and effective heat transfer systems.

  • Vacuum

    Vacuum tables

    Equilibrium distribution of small-sized pores and high permeability of porous aluminium make it perspective for vacuum holders and tables production.

  • Decoration

    Decoration elements

    Porous aluminium has a unique surface texture, which partially permits light through and creates inimitable shadows, thus it is widely used in art and industrial design.