Silencing plates

The silencing plates are designed to decrease noise level at air exhaust on the U712A type distributors manufactured by the OJSC «Pneumoapparat» (Moscow, Russian Federation) and its analogues. They reduce linear noise level by 15-20 dB. The operation life of the silencing plates is longer as compared to analogues made of sintered bronzes at a noticeably lower price.

Silencer trademark

Sizes, mm

Price, RUR

GP 90-165



GP 100-220



We offer PCA silencing and sound-absorbing plates according to your size up to 600х600х50 mm for sound-absorption in different pneumatic, forge-press and other equipment.

Advantages of porous aluminium casting pneumatic air silencers:

- high mechanical durability, cycling and vibration resistance;

- heat resistance;

- low back pressure of pneumatic air silencers.