Scrap cutting

«Composition materials» Ltd has a15 years experience in metal scrap cutting. We use the self-engineered arc cutting machines KEDU-04 and high quality cutters.

Normally a team of four is in charge of this activity at a full day job management. The machines KEDU-04 are transported either by railway cargo transporter or by automotive transport. The works can be performed either outside or indoor at the ambient temperatures from -45 to +35 ˚C. Equipment with diesel generator may be used for scrap cutting in remote areas.

«Composition materials» Ltd processed:

Metal structures in guilds and plants, equipment of metallurgical, chemical, pharmaceutics, gas, machine-building, oil, electrochemical and power industries.

Industrial metallurgical waste (steel and cast-iron large devices with dirt inclusions)

Military machines (armor, missile launchers, launch points)

Air transport (military, passenger and cargo airplanes, helicopters)

Floating craft (tow boats, marine and river ships, goldmining power-fed dredge).

The units were cut in dockage facilities, ashore and from ice.

Moveable railway transport (rail cars, locomotive, special-purpose machinery and tank cistern made of aluminium, titanium and stainless steel)

Starting from 2002 >«Composition materials» Ltd participates in the ash disposal area processing of the largest Ural metallurgical plants. The arc-cutting machines are used for steel and cast-iron large machine cutting (framings, slag ladles, unconventional castings, degating and drainage bucket) for unit with thickness up to 1200 mm with dirt inclusions to 35%. The average efficiency of large machine cutting is 2000 tons of metal per month.

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Утилизация самолета

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Резка ручным резаком

Резка станковым резаком

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